Music, a way to be free

A race against time to save the music written in concentration camps: a heritage of humanity that risks disappearing forever

Thirty years ago one man took on a unique challenge: to track down, transcribe and record all the music written in concentration camps during World War II without distinction of nationality, race or religion. His name is Francesco Lotoro, an Italian musician. Last Musik is an international campaign to support Lotoro's ongoing search for witnesses and survivors who may still be able to contribute long lost scores or melodies.

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A worldwide mission

Lotoro has so far found and transcribed 5,000 scores. Another 12,000 pages and fragments are gradually being deciphered, in some cases requiring transfer from microfilm, a laborious and costly process.

13.000 documents acquired

Some 13.000 documents, such as prison diaries, music notebooks, sound and video recordings, footage shot by German TV crews and by Allied troops, and some 60 hours of interviews with survivors, are presently archived in Lotoro's home in Barletta. The collection is constantly updated with material gathered through Lotoro's research.

2.800 compositions recorded

Lotoro has arranged and recorded some 2.800 compositions, publishing a 24-volume CD-Encyclo-pedia, the most complete and updated on record, containing 407 works performed by him and his Orchestra, including Iyric, symphonic, chamber, instrumental, piano, vocal and choir, cabaret, jazz, religious, folk and traditional music.

Time is running out

Yet, many other musical compositions are somewhere in the world and are at risk of disappearing forever. Every year Francesco is aggrieved to hear of the passing of an important witness he's not been able to reach for lack of funds. The witnesses and survivors with clues to the whereabouts of these manuscripts are dying. Without the necessary funds to track them down Francesco and his team will never arrive in time. This is why we need your help. It's a race against time!

Don't let the music die

Take the chance to help Francesco and give him the opportunity to travel around the world, save the music scores and play it for the first time in a concert hall. Francesco will dedicate to you the music saved thanks to your support; he will send you a certificate with the score you saved. And if you want, you could dedicate the saved song to a person: sometimes freedom is the best gift.



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LAST MUSIK at Bruxelles

20 September 15

On 19th October 2015 at Hotel de Ville on Bruxelles, will be the new concert of Lotoro: "Partitions de la Mèmoire" 

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A New Lead

23 March 15

Pavia, 25.01.2015 The encounter in Pavia was unusual, in a sense, because I met the grandchildren (Santina and Michela) of a composer I've been on the trail of for some time: Michele Cittadino. A prolific musician, he was deported to Dachau as a political prisoner, transferred to Medjanek and then to Auschwitz where he died in uncertain circumstances in April 1945.

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